Accelerate your Entry into the Japanese Life Science Market

There are several modes of entering Japan and we can layout the options, advising you on the best approach.

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Aurora Partners is a life science business development consultancy focused on cross-border transactions with Japan. We take a strategic approach combined with a hands-on attitude, to help foreign life science companies accelerate their entry into the Japanese market and Japanese companies overseas. Whether you are considering licensing, M&A, JV, distributorship or opening a branch office, Aurora Partners will be there to assist.

We do this by bringing to the table a seasoned team of consultants and partner companies, with extensive experience of business development, regulatory, clinical, sales/marketing and pricing in Japan. We will put together a solution and team that best fit your purpose and need.

Our Services

Japan Market Assessment

Aurora Partners help you assess the market and get feedback on the viability of your product

Japan Market Entry Strategy

There are several modes of entering Japan and we can layout the options

Partner Identification / Licensing

To find a distributor, licensor/licensee or JV/M&A company in Japan, Aurora Partners supports you in every aspect

Japan Local Representation

Aurora Partners can act as your representative in Japan to sell your products/services

Japan Regulatory and Clinical Strategy

It is critical to understand the regulatory and clinical pathway in order to maximize the value of your product

Funding Solutions

As part of strengthening relationships with Japan, we can assist in evaluating various capital solutions



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