The Opportunity

Japan is the world’s third largest life science market having shown steady growth over the years. There are a significant number of mid- and large-sized corporations searching for innovative technologies. The Japanese government has also been easing regulations to increase Japanese patients’ access to foreign innovative medical products.

The Challenge

There are still many hurdles to overcome to ensure success. First, you need to ensure that your message comes across when communicating with Japanese counterparts and overcoming cultural differences in conducting business in Japan. There will also be many questions that need to be answered that may relate to specific Japanese regulations, pricing and reimbursement issues and the medical need in Japan for your product to name some aspects.

Aurora Partner’s Value Proposition

  • Comprehensive approach to business development, including supporting activities such as scientific evaluation, market access, pricing and regulatory strategy, which helps in maximizing the value of any partnering negotiations and the ability to tailor solutions to clients’ needs
  • Combination of members in the project team with strong communication and cultural skills to ensure clarity to both the client and potential Japanese partners
  • Hands on approach with involvement of management throughout the whole project
  • Provision of strategic advice and “out of the box” thinking to overcome hurdles in business negotiations
  • Strong network in Japan