For Companies Wanting to Do Business in Japan

The Opportunity

The Japanese market has for many years not received enough attention due to the perceived difficulty to enter. Add to that lacklustre growth of the Japanese economy for the past two decades. Despite this, the fact remains however, that Japan is the world’s second largest medical market having shown steady growth over the years. This is expected to be further fuelled by the new “Abenomics” government policy and Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Adding to the attractiveness of Japan, is the significant number of mid and large sized corporations searching for innovative technologies along with the Japanese government opening up of regulations to increase Japanese consumers’ access to foreign innovative medical products.


The Challenge

Despite the positive changes in the last few years, many challenges remains in navigating the Japanese market. This includes interpreting Japan specific regulations, making sure that your products advance through the regulatory process and gain due attention once on the market. Language is another factor; ensuring messages comes across when communicating in English with Japanese counterparts and overcoming cultural differences in conducting business in Japan.


The Solution

Having Aurora Partners as your extended hand in Japan you will have:

  • a bridge between Western and Japanese culture
  • a reliable and trustworthy partner
  • an experienced navigator through regulatory and other hurdles
  • a sales and alliance representative on the ground
  • a network of high level industry and government contacts